What Is The Perfect Age To Bring Home A Puppy?

This article is going to discuss that age old question at what age you should bring a puppy home.  We’re going to discuss that question and I am going to tell you the perfect age for bringing your puppy home.  You may not agree with me but that’s okay it’s still the perfect age.

I’ve actually had clients who brought their puppy’s home at four weeks of age because the breeder said it was okay.  Well guess what it wasn’t okay and it wasn’t a good breeder.  The main reason breeders want to get rid of their puppies at that age is because they start to eat solid food and they start to stink.

You’ll understand if you’ve ever had a litter of puppies.  Until the pup start eating solid food mother cleans up after them by licking up their waste.  However once they start eating solid food she quits doing that, hence the smell.  They’re also developing teeth at this point and it hurts mom when they try to nurse so she wants nothing to do with them anymore.

So now you’re starting to see the picture.  The puppies are starting to stink and mom wants nothing to do with them so the breeder wants to get rid of the puppies, now.

But here’s the deal, the puppies need to stay together until they are 8 weeks old.  It doesn’t matter that mom isn’t taking care of them, they are actually able to take care themselves now that they are eating solid food.

So the big question is why should the puppies stay together.  By being together the puppies teach each other a lot of different things.  One of the things they teach each other is not to bite so hard.  Yes, that’s important.  It’s really amazing to see a litter of puppies in action.  It seems like there’s always that one bully dog that wants to play too rough.  So he’s playing with one of the other dogs and all of a sudden he bites hard, the other puppy gets up let’s out a little cry and then walks away.  You can see on the big dogs face why are you leaving?  What did I do?  Well that’s exactly how he learns not to be biting so hard because nobody will want to play with him.

I know a bunch of you out there have experienced this with your puppy when you were the object of the biting.  If your puppy had stayed with the litter a little longer maybe the biting wouldn’t have been as serious.  Now don’t get me wrong a puppy that has been with its litter until eight weeks of age can bite as well but it just seems like it isn’t as bad.

A really good reputable breeder would never let you have a puppy until the eighth week.  It’s just simply the perfect time to bring your dog home.  Also at 8 weeks it will have had at least 2 rounds and maybe even 3 rounds of vaccinations to protect it from many diseases including parvo virus.  So when negotiating with a breeder on buying a puppy one of the first questions you should ask is at what age do you allow the puppies to go home.  If they tell you a date before 8 weeks grab your stuff and run, it’s not a good breeder.

Good luck and have fun with that new puppy.



Mark Mansfield

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