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Curb Your Dog’s Excess Barking

Dogs bark as a means of communication. There is no way to completely stop your dog from barking, but you can curb some of his barking behaviors and learn to have him quit/stop when you give a command. Follow these simple tips and you will be able to stop excessive barking from your four-legged friend.

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We Went Through Training But Now My Dog Is Aggressive

If this is you then yes you can go through some obedience training and end up with an aggressive dog. In fact this is what recently happened to a lady that called me. She trained her dog at 6 months with some in-home private lessons and is now looking for answers as to why her 2 year old dog is showing aggression.

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The 3 Steps Of Good Dog Training

The 3 Steps Of Good Dog Training Dog training consists of three basic steps.  If done properly and in the correct sequence, you will have a happy, well-trained dog. The three steps are:  teaching your dog, correcting him, and proofing his training so that he is able to perform in any environment. Step 1:  The […]

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Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cats And Cars

Stop Your Dog From Chasing Cats And Cars It’s really funny but a lot of the things our dogs do are much cuter when they’re puppies and they can’t do them very well.  It’s cute when a puppy chews on your shoes, but it’s not so cute when he’s older and he can destroy them.  […]

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Train Your Dog Not To Run Through Open Doors

Dogs that escape and run through opens doors are at a very high risk of dying. Yes, it’s true and I have known people that lost their dog because of this one bad habit. Don’t let it happen to your dog, instead train you dog to do a sit stay at the door and not cross the doors threshold until you invite it out.

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But, He Really Is A Good Dog!

But, He Really Is A Good Dog! I have been involved in dog training all my life and one thing that I have seen over and over again is how we make excuses for our dogs. I get quite a few calls from dog owners telling me about their dog problems.  No matter how bad […]

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5 Simple Ideas That Will Perfect Your Dogs Training

When your dog training program is complete you are not finished training, you are simply entering a different level of training. Let me tell you some things that will guarantee that you have a well trained dog, not just for today but for ever.

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