Dealing With A Hyperactive Dog

Generally when we are talking about a hyperactive dog we are talking about a puppy or an adolescent dog that hasn’t yet achieved maturity.  Just like human children dogs can be very hyperactive when they haven’t been stimulated with lots of exercise.  Let’s talk about some of the ways that you can cut down on the hyperactivity of your young dog.

If your dog is at least four months old you can start obedience training. Training is not only physical but it also works the mind and can cause you dog to be tired.  I have always said that “A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog And An Exhausted Dog Is Happier” so lets talk about some methods that will help keep you dog busy and less likely to be hyperactive.

Going for long walks is probably the easiest way to exercise a dog.  If you are not able to go for long walk consider hiring a dog walker or maybe even a young person in your neighborhood that can do the walking for you.

Swimming is another excellent form of exercise so if you have a pool or a lake close by some frequent swimming sessions will be fun and provide the needed exercise.

If you have a breed that enjoys retrieve games it can be an easy way to get your dog the exercise it needs without you having to walk for miles.  The same is true if you have a dog that enjoys catching a Frisbee.  Either one can provide a tremendous amount of needed exercise without too much work on your part.

I have a bunch of clients that really enjoy taking their dogs to a doggy daycare.  Make sure the one that you go to screens all the dogs to make sure they are not dog aggressiveDoggy day care can provide hours of non-stop exercise for your dog and you will reap the benefits of that exercise for the next few days.  Everybody says that usually 2 or 3 visits a week is adequate to calm a hyperactive dog.

Here is one last idea that you may find more affordable.  Put together a group of 3 or 4 of your friends that have dog friendly dogs and do a doggy get together 2 or 3 times a week in different people’s backyard.  You get the benefit of doggy day care without the cost and you get to enjoy the companionship from some other dog lovers.

I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration to get that dog out and exercise it.  I know you will both reap the benefits that come from the effort.

Mark Mansfield

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