How To Teach Your Puppy Not to Bite

As a dog trainer that helps people train their problem dog’s one of the things I hear most often with puppies is how do we get the biting to stop.  As cute as those little puppies are their teeth are like little tiny razor blades and they hurt.  I’m going to teach you a way to eliminate the biting problem without any confrontation.

Before I tell you how to eliminate the biting I’m going to tell you some ways that don’t work.  I’m doing this so you won’t waste your time.

The first method that doesn’t work is reacting negatively when the puppy bites, in other words letting out a little ouch when the puppy bites you.

The next one is praising your puppy when you tell them no.  You will be saying no for ever before the biting stops.

The last one I am going to talk about today is giving him a toy when he bites you, in other words substituting the toy for your hand or fingers.   These methods sound good, but are not effective.

Okay now let’s get down to business and let me tell you the method that does work.  You want to go to the local pet store and buy a small bottle of a product called Grannick’s Bitter Apple.  This stuff is fantastic.  Now let me warn you there are a lot of other bitter apple products out there that do not work.  So make sure you get Grannick’s, it’s available at all the major pet stores.

Now how do we use it?  Simple, let me tell you how.  You’re going to keep the bottle with you, that’s why we bought the small one which is easy to carry around in your pocket.

When your puppy starts mouthing on you you’re going to simply reach over and grab your bottle of bitter apple and spray it all over your hand.  Your hand should be dripping wet.  Then give your hand back to the puppy and watch his face, because he won’t like it.

Okay here’s another example.  You are eating breakfast this morning and all of a sudden you realize your puppies chewing on your shoelaces, no problem.  Reach over and grab your bottle of bitter apple and spray some on your shoe laces and give them back to the dog.

This method is so simple and so effective that I’ve never seen a puppy go past one bottle of Grannik’s Bitter Apple.  In other words before that bottle of bitter apple is gone your dog will have stopped chewing on you, your shoes, and even your jeans.  It simply learns that these things don’t taste good.

This is such a simple way to teach your puppy not to bite without any confrontation but before I finish I wanted tell you one last thing.  Bitter apple contains a lot of alcohol and it evaporates very quickly.  So you may have sprayed your hand 30 minutes ago but now it’s evaporated and the puppy may come back for another bite.  If he does simply spray again and keep in mind that when it evaporates it doesn’t have the same punch so simply reapply.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this simple trick to eliminate puppy biting.

Mark Mansfield

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