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5 Things Your Dog Wants To Tell You About Training

Do you ever wonder if your dog would like to be able to communicate with you? Well he actually would love to tell you a few things about what the two of you are doing together with his training. Since you didn’t catch it in his body language here it is in human language.

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Does Joining Dog Associations Make You A Better Trainer?

So why do these clubs or associations even exist? I feel that the main reason is so that you can join and then have the ability to tell your clients that you are a member and place the organizations logo on your website. I feel that so many trainers believe that clients feel you surely must be a better trainer if you belong and that can’t be farther from the truth.

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4 Things To Do With A Difficult Dog

Puppies are so cute. As soon as you first saw your cute little bundle of fur you know he was the dog for you. He was so adorable. You could imagine him playing with your kids, sleeping at your feet in front of the fire, making life happy and wonderful for the whole family.

What you didn’t anticipate was biting. Or his pushiness. Or that he would chew up clothes and furniture. You didn’t know he’d be so hard to house-train. You didn’t know that he wouldn’t listen to you at all. But it’s time to admit that you have a difficult dog.

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5 Reasons Little Dogs Need Training Too!

Quite often people who own small dogs say that their dog doesn’t need training because it is just a small dog. That isn’t true. Small dogs need training just like the big guys do and here are just a few of the reasons why. 1 Because they are always with you, 2 Because they are always with you 3 Little dogs need manners too 4 To save their life 5 So you can be proud of them

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Correcting Poor Behaviors in Your Dog

Over the years I’ve found that one of the things new dog owners are always searching for is a cure for their dog’s bad behavior. When I say bad behavior that covers all sorts of things from barking, jumping, soiling in the house, you name it. When the dog gets a little older then it seems that the behavior quite often turns to the fearful dog or the aggressive dog.

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