Potty Training Problems?

One of the things that I hear most about from new dog owners that really gets them frustrated is potty training their new puppy or dog.  House training a new dog is really not that difficult and the methods that we use are the same whether it is an adult dog or a puppy.

I’ve been training dogs professionally for about three decades now and I have come across many different ways that people have tried to potty train their dog.  Unfortunately most of these methods don’t work.

One of those ineffective ways is potty pads.  I’ve literally gone into homes where the entire floor is covered in potty pads, which means they had spent hundreds of dollars for these pads.  I can tell you that over the years I’ve never seen a single dog that has been trained well on potty pads.  They use it sometimes, they get close sometimes, but they aren’t 100%.

And when it comes to potty pad training who wants pee or poop in different locations around their home. Not me and I’m guessing not you either.

So if you want your dog house trained, and you want it done easily, then crate training is a must.  Over the years I’ve literally helped thousands of people potty train their dogs.  Some of these dogs were older dogs who had been having accidents in their home for years.

Of course the older the dog is perhaps it will take a little longer if he’s used to using the house for his toilet.  On the other hand starting with a puppy it can be done very easily and quickly.

So when it comes to house training here is the rule that you need to follow.

The dog is only allowed in three different places:

1.    The crate
2.    On the grass
3.    In front of you

Following this rule means that your dog will spend more time in his crate than possibly you would like.  However this is only for a short period of time while he learns where he is allowed to do his business.

Dogs develop a preference for where they do their business and we want your dogs preference to be the grass.  So that means the more time that your dog can spend on the grass the better and easier the training will go.

Since dogs develop a preference for they do their business the more times your dog uses your carpet, your tile or your wooden floors the more that becomes his preference.  Following these rules will keep that from happening.

The last place your dog can be is in front of you.  Most dogs have a tendency to not want to do their business in front of you. They would rather go around the corner or even behind the couch so that you can’t see them.

The easiest way to keep your dog in front of you is to attach the leash to him and then to your belt so wherever you go the dog goes with you.  Which means since he is in your site he’s less likely to have an accident.

As I mentioned earlier I have literally helped thousands of people house train their dogs and some of them were really tough.  However almost every one of them with in a day of implementing these rules no longer had accidents in their home.


Mark Mansfield

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