The Secrets To Training Any Dog

There is a secret to training any dog.  In fact I have never seen a dog that could not be trained. However I have seen dog owners that never took the time to train their dog and then wonder why their pet is out of control.

Okay, here is the secret… desire, consistency and 15 minutes a day.  Yes it is just that simple.

Let’s start off with desire.  To get a trained dog you must have a desire for a trained dog.  If you don’t have the desire or see a real need for a nicely trained dog then it just won’t happen.  Look around at family, friends and neighbors I’m sure that somebody you know has a real nicely trained dog.  Are you envious?  Don’t be, instead simply decide that you want the same with your dog and go for it.  A well-trained dog can go places with you and make you proud of the fact that it is so well-behaved.

Next we are going to talk about consistency.  It is a must.  For example you can’t allow your dog to jump on you today and then tomorrow scold it when it does the same thing.  Plainly stated, consistency is something that you have to be vigilant about.  When you are with your dog shoot for 100% good behavior.  Your dog will learn that behaving and acting properly is something that is always a must.

Okay, the last secret is 15 minutes a day.  If you will train with your dog only 15 minutes a day you can have the best trained and well-mannered dog in the neighborhood.  Yes, it only takes 15 minutes a day, how easy is that.

I think a lot of people feel that dog training requires hours of vigorous work but that simply is not true.  Hire a local trainer to guide you through the exercises and it will even be easier, plus you will be amazed at your progress.  Keep in mind that every 15 minute session should have a goal.  For example today we are going to make our sit-stay a little better.  You are going to work on all your exercises however the one that you are really shooting for today is a longer more reliable sit-stay.

I have one more little secret to share with you that will make that dog of yours even better.  Train in multiple places.  Yes, when you start training you probably will start in the house.  When the dog is doing well in the house then you move outside to the driveway.  When that is working well you move to the park and then at your vets office.  I think you get the idea, your dog needs to perform wherever it goes so train in those places.

I hope that learning these simple secrets will make you want to get out there and have fun training the best dog in the neighborhood, your dog.

Mark Mansfield

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