Easy Ways To Teach Your Dog Tricks

Owning a dog will require a lot of care to make sure that it is happy, healthy, exercised and well-behaved.  Teaching your dog some tricks can be simple as long as you know some of the best methods, as well as how your dog seems to react to various training.  After your dog has learned some of the basics such as down, stay and sit, you will be able to move onto some of the next level tricks.

Shaking Your Dog’s Paw: 

After having your dog sit, simply take their paw in your hand and give it a little shake.  At the same time, say “Shake” or “Shake Paw” and then praise him or her for doing a good job.  Pat them on the head, give a treat, etc.  Anything to let your dog know that this command and their reaction is a good thing when they do it.  Each time you practice “Shake”, you will want to repeat it about 5 times in a row so that you are able to reinforce the lesson as good reinforcement and consistency is the best way to teach new tricks.  Once your dog learns this trick with one paw, you can switch to the other paw and work on that side and command.

Playing Dead:

This is a fun trick that may be a bit advanced when compared to some of the other tricks that dogs will often do.  Once you are able to get your dog to lie down on command, you can sit next to him or her and try rolling them on their side.  When you do this, you simply say “Play Dead” after the action is complete.  Once they roll over completely, praise them, pat them on the head and give a reward or a treat.  Just as with any other trick, you will need to reinforce it by repeating several times and practicing daily.

The best thing to remember as you are working through teaching your dog tricks is that the positive reinforcement at the end is a good way to get the response you are looking for.  Once they see that you are happy with a good reaction and treat for them, they will be more apt to repeat it the next time and even move onto other tricks.  Dogs can be a wonderful and interactive pet as long as you give them the love and positive reinforcement when they are doing a good job.

Mark Mansfield

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