Tips For Stopping Submissive Peeing

Quite often I will have a client with a young dog that is suffering from submissive peeing.  This can usually be a huge concern for a new dog owner that has not had any experience with this in the past.  I hope this article will give you a few tips if you have a dog that is suffering from submissive peeing.

First of all submissive peeing is usually more prevalent in females than in male dogs.  Now here is the good news and at the same time for some people is the bad news.  Most dogs will usually out grow this problem by the time they are 2 years old.  But what can you do to try to fix this problem before 2 years.

My first bit of advice to a dog owner with a very submissive dog is, NO BABY TALK.  It seems like the more submissive a dog is the more baby talk the owner uses and I have found that by quitting the baby talk the submissiveness actually seems to go away.

Now don’t get me wrong this method is not 100% however it has been effective for several dogs that I have adopted from owners who actually gave up their dogs because of their submissive peeing.

I actually adopted an 18 month old Doberman that was owned by a young marine that was attending the local university.  He really loved the dog however he lived in an apartment and each afternoon when he came home the dog would meet him at the door and before he could do anything she would empty her bladder all over the carpet.

I adopted this dog and brought it to our facility and within 30 days the submissive attitude was gone and so was the peeing.  This was a fantastic high drive dog that I was able to train and place with a police department in Texas as a drug/ tracking dog.

I have had people say well maybe she was being mistreated by her owner.  That is far from the truth.  This was a very happy, well socialized dog that was quite visibly attached to her owner but simply could not control that submissive, excited peeing.

As I mentioned earlier this is just one of the dogs that I have been able to bring into my home and within a very short period of time have been able to eliminate the submissive peeing by simply talking to the dog with a voice of authority rather than as if it was a baby.  If you have a dog with this problem give my techniques a try to see if it works for your dog.

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