Use A Dog To Teach Your Child Responsibility

Has your child been begging for a puppy? Well before you say yes or no there are a few things you need to think about. Having a pet is a really good way to teach your child responsibility, however is your child ready for responsibility?

Let’s discuss the things you need to think about to help you make the decision.

Have you and your child thought about all the things that are required for raising a puppy or taking care of an adult dog? Let’s go over a few those things right now.

Potty Training

If you’re getting a puppy it will require being taken out several times a day probably even in the middle of the night while it is being potty trained. Who will be doing that, you or your child? If you don’t have a fenced yard somebody will have to take the dog for his potty walks, again the decision over who will be doing it.

Here’s a big question that comes up quite often. If you do have a fenced in yard and are able to just let the dog go out into the back to do his business who will be cleaning up the poop? It needs to be done on a regular basis to keep your yard sanitary and to keep everybody from stepping in it.


For a puppy feeding time comes three times a day and if this is going to be your child’s dog, certainly your child should be doing the feeding. Even though feeding a puppy is not a hard chore, your child needs to realize that he or she will need to be home in order to take care of this responsibility. An older dog only needs to eat once or twice a day so it’s much easier.


Playing and exercising your dog is a large responsibility and something that your child should be doing with the dog.  Dogs need to be walked on a daily basis or taken out in the backyard and allowed to retrieve a ball but no matter how you do it you need to spend a generous amount of time with your dog.


Training your dog to be an obedient and faithful member of the family requires some work but it’s definitely something that is a necessity.  If you get a large breed of dog, they grow very rapidly so training should begin early when the dog is 16 weeks of age.  Smaller dogs can wait to be trained a little bit later around six months of age.  However it doesn’t matter whether your dog is big or small training is something that is a must.  There is nothing worse than a poorly behaved dog.

As you can see there are several different things to consider when getting a dog for your child.  However allowing your child to have a dog is an excellent way to teach responsibility as you can see from the list there are many things that he or she will be responsible for.  So now the decision is yours, however if you decide to allow them to have a dog make sure that they stick to their responsibilities.

Mark Mansfield

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