Your Dog Needs To Trust You

Recently I received a call from a lady who told me about her dog showing aggression toward another dog in the family and being so fearful that it WOULD NOT leave the yard to go for a walk.  We scheduled an appointment for me to take a look and here is what I found.

I found a dog that never leaves the back yard.  It has been sleeping in the owner’s bed and at 3 years old had NEVER been trained.  The lady that owned the dog said she felt that her dog did not trust her even though she had owned it and pampered it for almost 3 years, since it was a puppy.

First thing as you already know is to get the dog OUT of the bed, which is a must for this to succeed.  Second we are going to do some basic obedience training which will give the dog confidence and develop a dog master relationship.  Third we have to get this dog out of the yard so it can go on walks.  Walking helps the dog relieve stress and gives it an opportunity to stimulate the brain and build serotonin by seeing new things.

So here we go.  We start the journey out of the back yard but the dog quickly sits to resist and the buckle collar starts to come over the head.  You know how dangerous that can be! So I grabbed a training collar and put it on the dog.  I told the owner to start walking even if the dog resisted, which it did, for about 2 seconds.  The next thing you know this dog is walking down the street at its owner’s side.  She hollered back at me “this is a miracle”.  We spent about 20 minutes walking the dog before returning to the house for some obedience training.  The dog appeared to love the walk.

The only problem here is that the lady was so in love with the dog that she didn’t want to hurt it’s feeling by making it do something it didn’t want to do.  I feel that your dog needs to learn to TRUST you so dragging this dog out of the yard helped the dog realize that the walk would be okay.  Five days later she called to tell me her dog was a different dog and they were both looking forward to the next lesson.  By the way the aggression toward the other dog went away immediately.

Mark Mansfield

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