Housebreaking Your Dog

Housebreaking your animal is one of the challenging things an owner faces with a new puppy.  Training your animal correctly requires consistency, dedication and patience.  Even when you are frustrated with your dog, remember that the house training process is a commitment you have made to your animal and once you complete it, you and your animal will be so much happier and closer.

House breaking your puppy is the first step in the general training process that you and your puppy will eventually embark upon.  This is the first situation in which you are establishing yourself as the dominant animal of the house and laying down ground rules.  This initial laying down the law should happen early in the puppy’s development; somewhere between 8-12 weeks should be the beginning of housebreaking.

Puppies need to use the restroom about every 3 hours. Make sure that you are taking your dog to their designated bathroom spot that often, as your end of the commitment.

If your puppy is in the house, keep an eye on them carefully.  If the puppy is about to do their business in the house, he may be showing signs such as sniffing out a place or circling in an area.  If you see your puppy in the act in the wrong place, be sure to grab him by the scruff, sternly say “No!” and take your puppy to the correct potty spot to let him finish. When he has finished going in the correct spot, be sure to praise him with “Good puppy!” and let him go.

An organized and consistent schedule is necessary in the early stages of potty training.  Dogs respond very well to a regular feeding, drinking and restroom break schedule during this training process.

Getting your dog housebroken will make him a great member of the household and keep you and him happy.  Remember these tips while you are housebreaking your doggy:

As soon as you get home, take your dog to the designated bathroom area.

Use consistency in your bathroom talk with your dog.  Dog’s will remember what you want them to do with key phrases if you be sure to use the same phrase over and over again, every time you tell your dog to go potty.

Potty training your dog is not an easy thing to do, but determination and commitment on your part will give the process a positive result.

Do not punish your dog for his accidents; this may even make the whole training process useless.  A reward based method works much better and will give your dog the incentive to do what you want him to do.

Intact male dogs (those who have not been neutered) have a habit of marking their territory by urinating on it.  Neutering your animal will make this habit go away and will make the training process easier.


Mark Mansfield

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