How To Train A Dog To Stay Within An Invisible Fence

If you live in an area that doesn’t allow ordinary fencing or you just don’t like the looks of a chain link fence, then an invisible fence may be the answer for you and your dog.  Here’s how to train a dog to stay within an invisible fence.

An invisible fence works by means of an underground cable set up around the perimeter of your yard.  A transmitter box on your property sends an electrical current through the cable.  Your dog wears a special collar with a receiver.  Whenever your dog gets close to the underground cable the collar will give a beep to warn the dog to back away.  If your dog moves off, nothing happens.  If your dog gets closer to the cable or tries to cross the perimeter the transmitter sends a slight shock to your dog’s collar.

You can train your dog to stay within an invisible fence by setting up flags in the ground to mark where the invisible fence is.  This will give your dog the visual cues he needs before you ever turn the fence on.

Once you have the flags set out in the correct places you should put a collar and leash on your dog and walk him around the boundaries.  Use gentle corrections when he tries to go outside the boundary lines.  Praise him when he stays inside the boundaries.  Remember that your dog doesn’t know what the flags mean.  You’ll need to take these walks with your dog around the perimeter of your yard for several days before he starts to understand.  The idea is to prepare him for wearing his collar and the (stronger) corrections that will occur if he tries to cross the boundary once the invisible fence is operational.

It’s a good idea for your dog to get used to wearing the invisible fence collar while you’re taking them for their walks around the yard.  Let them get used to the collar before the fence becomes active.

Once your dog has some idea of your boundaries and some understanding that he’s not to go beyond the flags, you’re ready to activate the fence.

You can leave the flags up for several days after the fence is operational.  There’s no need to rush to take them down since they provide your dog with a visual clue as to where the boundary is.  However, you don’t need to leave them up forever.  Most dogs will develop a very good sense of where the boundary is and they will have the beeping from the collar to give them a warning before there is any kind of shock.

Invisible fences can keep your dog inside and they can be very effective.  However, they are not foolproof.  There are times when a dog may decide to run through them.  Plus, they do not keep other dogs or animals (or people) out of your yard which can be upsetting for some dogs. They are still a good solution for some people and their dogs.

Mark Mansfield

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