The 5 Things Walking Does For Your Dog

Many dog owners view dog walking as a necessity.  The primary purpose is to ensure their dog does not relieve itself in the home.  However, many do not realize that dog walking also benefits their dog.

Here are 5 ways dog walking benefits your dog:

1. An Outlet For Pent Up Energy

During the day, many dogs are penned up in the house or in the yard.  During this time, they can build up energy that needs to be released.  When you walk your dog, it’s their exercise for the day.  At the end of the walk, you’ll find that the exercise has helped make your dog calm, even it the dog is hyper.

2. It Helps Reinforce Training

There are two ways walking helps with training.  The first is by reinforcing training commands while on the walk.  During this time you work with your dog on training commands such as “heel” or “stay.”  The second way is by tiring your dog enough that it’s receptive to training when you get home.

3. It Helps With Socialization

When you’re out for a walk, you and your dog will encounter other people and animals.  When a dog is allowed to meet people and other pets, they are less likely to be fearful when encountering them in the future.  A socialized dog is a well-rounded pet who is more confident.

4. It Provides Mental and Physical Stimulation

During a walk, your dog will be exposed to new sights and sounds.  While walking you can allow your dog to explore your neighborhood, using their senses.  By learning your area, using sight, sound and smell, your dog will be getting a mental and physical workout.

5. It Can Improve Your Dog’s Health

Dogs, like people, need exercise.  A dog that does not get adequate exercise on a regular basis will gain weight and be prone to health issues, especially as they get older.  By taking your dog for a walk, you’re allowing your pet to get a good workout and the many health benefits that go along with it.

These are all good reasons to take your dog for a walk, but the best one may be, just to bond and spend time with your dog.  Your dog enjoys the time you spend together and by taking an hour or less, each day to walk with your dog can help to build a strong, trusting relationship.

Mark Mansfield

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