5 Common Dog Behavior Problems

If you are a dog owner then at sometime or another you’ve experienced some type of behavior problems with your dogs.  In this article we will talk about 5 of the most common dog behavior problems.

1. Okay let’s start with jumping.  You may have a dog that’s jumping on you, on the kids, or maybe visitors that come to your home.  No matter what, jumping can be very annoying and actually dangerous when it comes to small children or senior citizens.

2. Barking is another problem that you may have experienced.  It seems that most people don’t mind their dog barking to let them know that somebody is at the door or even somebody is outside that shouldn’t be.  However none of us want that nonstop barking that annoys the neighbors and keeps you from being able to enjoy the peace and quiet of home.  Teaching your dog to stop barking on command is the answer.

3. House training is another huge issue for some people. If your dog has not been properly house trained then your dog is probably soiling in your home.  Let’s face it that just isn’t acceptable.  In fact the lack of house training is the number one reason dogs end up in shelters.

4. Chewing is one of those habits that we want to eliminate quickly.  If you have a puppy that’s chewing on things you’ll have an adult that does the same thing unless you break that habit early.

5. Digging can be very annoying and dangerous for your dog.  Dogs dig for different reasons sometimes just out of boredom, other times to find cool ground, and other times to escape under the fence.  Digging holes in your backyard can be very unsightly but digging holes under the fence can be dangerous because your dog can escape and possibly get run over.

I’m sure you’re asking now that we’ve identified some of the common behavior issues how do we solve them.  The answer is actually very simple, training and behavior modification.  It’s amazing but behavior problems all seem to disappear if your dog is obedience trained.

Other problems will require some behavior modification.  What is behavior modification?  Simply changing the way you do some things at home with your dog so that it is able to learn better habits.

If your dog is suffering from these common behavior problems simply find a good trainer in your area that can guide you through the steps to eliminate the issues.

Mark Mansfield

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