Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

If you are the type of dog owner that like to give your dog a special treat every once in a while keep in mind that there are some foods that are safe for you but not for your dog.  Some of these you may know about but some may be new to you.

1. Let’s start off with chocolates.  I think pretty much all dog owners know that chocolate is dangerous for dogs and can cause death if not treated quickly and properly.

2. Okay here is one that you might not expect to be on the list, avocados.  Yes that food that is so good for us and is so tasty can be toxic to a dog.  So next time you drop some guacamole on the floor make sure you pick it up before the dog licks it up.

3. Another food that is so good for humans is Salmon.  Yes that flavorful fish that everybody loves.  Well it appears that there is some type of parasite in salmon that can affect your dog.  It appears that we don’t have a problem with it but dogs do.  Of course there are dog foods on the market with salmon but I guess it is processed in such a way that it does not have any adverse effect on dogs.

4. I think most people know that raisins are bad for your dogs however did you know that so are grapes?  Yes raisins are grapes so keep them away from the dogs.

5. Onions are another thing that can create some serious problems with your dog.  Also be careful giving your dog a treat from the table that might have onion mixed in.  Sometime the issues that are related to onions do not show up immediately but will build up and get worse.

6. The last thing I am going to tell you about today is macadamia nuts.  They are not something that we keep around our house but I realize that some people do.  Be sure to keep them away from you dog because they can cause some serious issues including paralyzing your dog.  In fact nuts in general are something I would not give to my dog just for safety sake.


Needless to say these are just a few of the things that you should never give a dog.  The actual list is long.  If you would like to explore more things that are dangerous for your dog simply do a Google search and you will get a real education that just may save your dog’s life.

Mark Mansfield

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