A Natural Way To Instantly Calm Your Dog’s Impulses

I don’t usually advertise on my blog about Dog Training but if you are having a lot of trouble with Dog’s Impulses this is another way to help you with a problematic dog behaviours.

The below article is from a friend in the dog trade Chet Womach

A friend of mine rescued a Labrador mix named Lucas.

He’s a goofball that’s always fun to play with.

But when kids pass by my friend’s house on their skates and bikes, Lucas isn’t so much fun.

He goes insane.

He’ll rush head-first to the gate, barking up a storm and even riling up the neighbor’s dogs as well.

The trouble doesn’t stop there.

When my friend walks Lucas, it’s a workout trying to get from point A to point B.

Lucas is so easily agitated by the sounds of other barking dogs that he doesn’t follow a normal path.  In fact, one time he broke loose and ran off.  My friend had to run and chase him down.

Here’s the thing:  my friend tried long and hard to teach Lucas how to behave appropriately.  But none of the training exercises were getting to him.

That’s when my friend thought it would be wise to take Lucas to a Vet.  Unfortunately, it was a wasted trip.

When Vet Treatment Is NOT The Answer

When you take your dog to the Vet as your first option, you risk getting the same treatment as many others before you.

In most cases, you’ll be given a prescription medication.  But more often than not, the way that these medications work, STRIP your dog of his personality.

Plus steroid topical treatments can cause allergic reactions… And many pills are filled with chemicals that cause drowsiness and appetite loss.

Anything that isn’t 100% safe and natural can harm your dog’s body and ruin his personality.

A Natural Way To Instantly Calm Your Dog’s Impulses

Vet medicine and the risky side-effects are totally unnecessary when you simply need to take the edge off your dog.

That’s where natural, health supplements for dogs come in handy.

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For decades, owners have been able to increase their dog’s quality of life using natural supplements.

They range from healing arthritis in doggy joints, to fighting the spread of cancer or tumors.

Canines respond well to health supplements and as dog parents, we can appreciate these for being a safe way to calm down a hyper dog.

Supplements WORK

I have a client who struggled to train her Doberman because he was just a maniac ball of energy.

Her goal was to teach him the basic sit, stay, down commands.  And to respect other people’s space and to even respect the house.

That’ when she tried a natural plant-based supplement for the first time and was amazed how at the results

In 15-30 minutes, the temperament of her dog shifted and he was more relaxed and passive.  Yet he was playful, wagging his tail.

While the Doberman showed his calm self, it became easier for my client to bond with him, teach him a few commands, and practice the new behaviours until they became a permanent part of his skill set.

Calm Dogs Listen More!

When dogs are calm, you can teach them new skills much easier.  It’s because they’re settled down that lets them pay more attention to your instructions.

Supplements make this so much simpler since it eases your dog’s anxiety levels.

Now before you check out any supplements, I want to leave you with 3 tips to help you make your pick.

Here’s 3 tips for picking natural supplements for your dog to improve his behaviour.

1. Go the Natural route first. Vet treatments are unnatural and come with risky, harmful side-effects.  Plus you might ruin your dog’s personality as he gets lazy and mopey under the medication.

But when you choose ingredients found in nature, then your dog’s well-being is in the clear.

2. Look for agents that reduce anxiety. There are many supplements designed to reduce canine anxiety or restlessness. Some of these include Valerian Root, Organic Passionflower, and Organic Ginger Root, and many other plant-based extracts.

When your dog relieves his anxiety, he’ll more calm and in control of his own emotions.

3. Take advantage of his new listening ability. When you feed your dog natural calming supplements, he’ll achieve a relaxed state faster. At this point, it’s easier to give your dog instructions or teach him new commands.

He’ll learn a lot faster this way.


Chet Womach



Mark Mansfield

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