7 Things That Will Keep Your Dog Healthy And Active

Your pet is a part of your family and you want your family to be happy and healthy rite.  Having a healthy pet will take some effort on your part.  You’ll want to ensure that you follow those these 7 tips to help your pet stay healthy, happy and active.

Regular Exercise

Just as a humans needs regular exercise to be healthy, your pet will need regular exercise to be healthy as well.  Plan to have plenty of outings with your pet.  These outings should include walks and runs in the park or an area where you pet can safely run and burn off some energy.  It will be good for you as well to get out and get moving.

Healthy Diet

While a junk food diet might taste good, it is not going to provide the nutrition the body requires.  Your pet has the same needs for nutrition as you do.  Choose a pet food that will provide all of the required nutrients for your pet to lead a healthy and happy life.  Check with your veterinarian and find out what you pet needs in a good quality pet food.

Healthy Weight

Overweight pets do not live as long as those pets that are at a healthy weight.  If your pet is overweight talk with your veterinarian and find out what to do to help your beloved pet to lose weight.

Regular Veterinarian Visits

Your pet will require regular visits to the veterinarian.  He or she will check your pet out for any health issues and properly vaccinate your pet to keep your dog healthyDo not neglect your pets health.  If you can’t afford veterinary bills talk to your veterinarian about pet insurance as well.  Preventative care will help keep your dog healthy and keep your veterinarian bills lower.

Proper Dental Care

Just as in humans, proper dental care is important for pets.  Healthy gums mean a healthy pet. Talk to your veterinarian about proper dental care for your pet.

Plenty of Love

Everyone needs love, even your pet dog.  Give your pet plenty of love and affection.  He will return it to you and you’ll both feel healthier and happier.

Safe Environment

Whether your pet is an indoor dog, an outdoor pet or somewhere in between, you need to provide a safe and healthy environment for your dog.  Ensure that your pet has shelter and cover in inclement weather.  If your pet is an indoor pet designate a specific area for your dog to sleep.  Consider it your pets bedroom and give your dog some toys that are safe for him or her to play with.  Your pet needs to have a place to go if he or she needs a time out or if you have company that your pet isn’t comfortable with.

Practicing proper pet care will go far in helping your pet dog to give you the best years of its life.  By following these 7 tips your dog will be healthy and active for many years to come.

Mark Mansfield

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