Emergency Procedures For A Poisoned Dog!

I’ve had this topic up before but I think it is very important information!

There is always a possibility that your dog could be poisoned and you should be prepared by knowing the correct things to do to help.  Dogs can be poisoned in several different ways including ingesting a poison or even eating a creature that has been poisoned.  They can also be poisoned externally.

If you are actually lucky enough to catch your dog eating the poisonous item quickly remove it from its mouth.  When I say lucky I mean this is better than having it eat some poison but you don’t knowing what it is.  My Dog ate a bate (Rat Poison) I noticed the next day and rushed her to the vet, where Sally (Golden Lab) stayed for about two weeks on vitamin A injections and bland food.  She sustained brain damage and was an epileptic from then on.

After removing the poison from your dog’s mouth rush it to your vetIt is usually recommended that you do not try to treat your pet yourself.  At your vets office they will have everything that is needed to keep it stable.  With any luck if the poison can be identified hopefully there will be an antidote that can be given.

A poisoned dog can go downhill quickly so the quicker you get your dog to the vet the better it will be for your pet.

If you do not have any idea what your dog consumed bring any vomit or even feces samples so the doctor can diagnose them and possibly figure out what your dog ingested.

Many family pets are poisoned by accident every year.  Some survive the experience and many others do not.  It is your job to make sure that your dog is safe. Doggie proof your home by removing anything that could poison your dog and putting into a place that you dog can not possibly get to it.

Keep an eye on your backyard as well watch for any dead creatures including birds and rodents to keep your dog from ingesting them.

You also need to make sure that there are no poisonous plants and shrubs in your yard as well.  For a list of dangerous plants do a Google search and you will find a huge list.

What happens if the poisoning happens at night or on a week-end?  Most cities have an emergency vet or two that is open when the other vets are closed.  Find the emergency vet in your area and keep the phone number handy just in case you need it.

Your dog is a loved and valuable member of your family.  By following some of these ideas I think you will find that your dog will be safe…






Toads can kill dogs they have an inbuilt poison in them!

Mark Mansfield

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