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How To Prevent Your Dog From Growling

One of the scariest things you can encounter is a strange dog growling at you, especially when you don’t know why or how they’re going to react. You can understand why people are nervous when your dog growls or grumbles at them when they walk by you when you’re walking your dog or if your dog is out in the yard.

However, before you decide to train your dog never to growl again, you need to learn why your dog is growling and when it is acceptable for him to growl.

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How To Keep Your Dog From Getting On The Sofa/Couch

I once had a dog who refused to stop getting on the sofa. Sure, I taught him to stay off the sofa when I was home, but as soon as I went to sleep or left the house, I could hear him jumping back up in his favorite spot on the sofa…

…and he got doggy fur all over the clean upholstery . We fought this battle for most of his life and I was always frustrated. Since that time, though, I’ve learned a lot of little tricks and ways of training a dog so you can keep your fur friend off the sofa and that training starts when your dog is young.

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Do Storms Scare Your Dog?

I saw on the news that we have some severe storms in the forecast here in the Nashville area. I thought an article about dogs that are afraid of storms might be good for this week’s article.

Picture yourself as a dog. Now think of a storm approaching and what it sounds like. There may be crashing thunder and jagged lightning bolts across the sky. What on earth does it sound and look like to a dog? No wonder so many dogs are scared by storms!

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Potty Training Problems?

One of the things that I hear most about from new dog owners that really gets them frustrated is potty training their new puppy or dog. House training a new dog is really not that difficult and the methods that we use are the same whether it is an adult dog or a puppy.

I’ve been training dogs professionally for about three decades now and I have come across many different ways that people have tried to potty train their dog. Unfortunately most of these methods don’t work.

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6 Tips To Teach An Old Dog Some New Tricks

Adopting an older dog has many advantages that will make him a wonderful addition to your household. Unfortunately, if he is set in his ways, you’re facing a bit of a challenge when it comes to training. Whatever his situation, you can teach your older dog new tricks; the following tips will help.

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Training The Older Dog: Secrets You Can Use

We’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” However, it turns out that you can train an older dog. It may be harder to train an older dog than to train a young puppy but older dogs are just as able to learn new things as other dogs.

Think about the way the human mind works. When we’re very young we can easily learn different languages. However, if we tried to learn Spanish or another language now, as adults, it might take years to learn.

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Protecting Your Dog From The Unthinkable

I had a client make an appointment for dog training last week. However before we could get together he sent me an email explaining that his dog got out of the door and was run over by a car. Actually this happens more often than you can imagine. In fact in your hometown it happens daily.

For most dog owners, one of their greatest fears is that their dog will escape through the door and run into the street where they could be hit by a car. That’s a nightmare scenario that no one wants to have happen, yet it could happen all too easily.

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