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6 Tips To Minimize Dog Aggression
1. Train your dog
2. Re-socialize your dog to other dogs
3. Keep your dog distracted as you pass other dogs on the street
4. Neuter or spay your dog to prevent sexually based aggression
5. Put your dog in a down-stay when he needs a moment to calm down
6. Make sure you do not give the wrong body language to your dog

Dealing With A Food Aggressive Dog

Of all dog behavior problems, food aggression is one of the most serious.  It often escalates into something more serious and can become violent.  Unfortunately, many people ignore food aggression in their dogs because they don’t understand the behavior.  They simply choose to avoid dealing with it. You may think that it doesn’t make any […]

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How Can I Correct My Aggressive Dog?

You can not possibly imagine the number of times I am asked that same question every week. As a professional dog trainer two-thirds of my business deals with dog aggression of one type or another. This question is always difficult to answer because there are many different types of aggression. In order to answer the question I need to know a lot about the dog so that I can determine what type of aggression we are dealing with.

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6 Tips To Minimize Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is a serious and unfortunately very common problem. While extreme cases should be handled by a professional, dog owners can try these six tips to begin to address their dog’s aggression towards other dogs.

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