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How To Take The Best Care Of Your Dog In The Summer

The dog days of summer are so called because these are the days when dogs like to lie around in the shade not doing much of anything.  These days we tend to interpret this to mean that it’s a great time to get out and do active things with your dog.  Many towns and cities hold festivals in honor of these dog days.  Doubtless many dogs feel rather disgruntled (or worse) when required to attend many family outings.

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Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

Your dogs bad breath can be caused by many different things. In this article I will talk about some of the most common things that cause an odor that is unlike puppy breath.
Let’s start off with what your dog may be eating. Is your dog eating his poop or possibly raiding the cat litter box? That may sound weird but it happens quite often and can cause a pretty nasty smell when Fido comes up to give you a kiss.
Your dog can get tooth decay and gum disease just like a human can so having your dogs mouth checked on a regular basis is important. Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned just like humans do to remove dental plaque and keep their mouth kissing sweet.

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Is Dog Health Insurance A Good Idea?

Is dog health a good idea? The answer to that question is simple; yes and no! If you are wealthy and money is not a problem then insurance is probably not a good deal. However if you live paycheck to paycheck and coming up with $3,000.00 for a major health problem for your dog would be next to impossible then yes insurance is great.

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Is a Dog Stroller Worth Owning?

Dog strollers are beginning to become a very popular product. More and more dog owners are opting to purchase a stroller for their pet. With such a dramatic rise in popularity, it’s easy to assume that dog strollers are a handy thing to have around. But are they really worth owning? And are they something you should invest in?

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How Often Should You Feed Your Dog?

This question pops up all the time and there are several different things that will determine the correct answer for your dog. Let’s talk about those things so that you can determine what is best for your pet.
One of the first things to consider is or we dealing with a puppy or an adult dog? An eight-week-old puppy should probably be eating three times per day. When that puppy gets to 4 to 6 months of age then twice a day is usually adequate.

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German Shepherd Hip Problems

German Shepherds are great dogs not only for law enforcement work, personal protection and of course as that ever faithful family dog. However they can be very prone to several health issues. We will discuss those issues here so hopefully the dog you purchase will be healthy and live a long happy life.

Probably one of the most common and debilitating health issue that can be found in the German Shepherd is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is actually an abnormal joint structure in the hip.

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Are Dogs Being Over Vaccinated?

A few generations ago it wasn’t uncommon for a disease such as distemper to sweep through an area and decimate the local dog population. It wasn’t until the 1950s that a vaccine was developed for canine distemper. Likewise, parvovirus appeared in the 1970s and killed vast numbers of dogs before a vaccine was developed. Today we often take for granted that we can protect our dogs against these common killers but it wasn’t always so. Some people question whether or not dogs are being over-vaccinated today. It’s not an easy question.

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Do Dogs Feel Cold Or Hot?

You may have wondered if your dog feels temperatures the same way that you do. Do they feel cold or hot weather the same way that people do? Sure they do! After all, your dog is a mammal, just like humans are. That means that your dog is able to regulate his body temperature, up to a point. But, after that point is reached, your dog is subject to feeling heat and cold like any other mammal.

The dog’s normal body temperature is 100.5-102.5degrees Fahrenheit or 39-39.5C, just a little higher than the human’s 98.6F or 36 degrees Celsius.

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