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How Do You Stop A Puppy From Jumping

Having a dog that jumps up on visitors can be embarrassing, frustrating and just a general pain. Many of us don’t realize that we ourselves encourage this behavior.
Think of the last time you came home from work and your excited little dog ran up to you. He probably jumped up on you and you probably cooed and praised him for missing you. It’s a good feeling to get that sort of attention from your animal but it’s a habit you’ve got to break if you don’t want him doing the same thing to visitors in your home.

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Does my dog have separation anxiety?

You know that when you’re not home, your dog misses you. He always greets you when you’re back and he can sometimes be found expressing his frustration about not being around you by tearing things up around the home, digging, chewing or using the restroom in inappropriate places. These events can mean a variety of things, but in your dog’s case do they mean that they have separation anxiety or are they just bored and misbehaving?

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How to Train Your Dog The Right Way

Dog training is one of the most helpful and exciting things you can do with your pet. When you train your dog you are teaching them to perform certain actions or behaviors according to your signal or the circumstance. If you have a dog, this should be something you focus on.

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