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Are There Really Indestructible Dog Toys?

If you’re a dog owner then you have probably had the pleasure of buying toys for your dog. It’s fun to pick out a great new toy and bring it home. What’s not fun is watching your dog destroy it in 30 seconds! There are lots of toys that claim to be “indestructible” but are there really indestructible dog toys? It depends.

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How Safe Are Your Dog Treats

Has your adult dog started using your house for a toilet again? Maybe your dog just has an occasional accident as some people say, every now and then. If so it’s time to take a step backwards and return to the basics.

When I say return to the basics I’m talking about let’s go back to training this adult dog just like we did when it was a pup and the best way to do that is by using the crate. By using the crate you are teaching your dog that he can hold it until it’s time to go outside.

When it comes to dog treats I’m always asking my clients why they feel that their dog even needs them. Unfortunately a large percentage of dog treats out there really aren’t that good for your dog and provide no nutritional value. In fact most of them contain things that you wouldn’t ever allow in your dogs food, but yet you give the dog a treat that contains that ingredient.

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5 Warning Signs About Using To Many Dog Treats

If you have a dog you probably have some dog treats laying around. In fact some of my clients have so many dog treats that the dog really doesn’t need dog food because it is eating treats all day long. Giving your dog too many dog treats can cause all types of problems and here are some of the warning signs.

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