5 Tips To Combat Canine Hyperactivity

Dogs make great pets because of their fantastic attitude toward life, always happy.  However if your dog has too much energy there are a few things you can do to help calm him down.

1. Give your dog something to do to eliminate his energy.  Even something as simple as going through his obedience exercises can help calm him down and sometimes actually has a way of wearing him out.

2. You can play games with your dog to work his muscles.  Most dogs will always love a game of retrieve or even maybe a little Frisbee for some exercise.  If your dog doesn’t like to do either of those you might try a good game of hide and seek.  Dogs love to go find something.  It can be as simple as hide the toy or you can actually hide while somebody holds your dog and lets it go when you are ready.

3. Another way to combat the dog’s energy is by getting him involved in a dog sport.  Agility, fly ball or even competitive Frisbee can be really great ways to get you dog a regular workout.  Even training your dog to track can be very exciting for you and your dog and give him a great way to eliminate that extra energy.

4. If the dog park is a place you both enjoy then take a regular trip to the dog park for a great workout and a run with the dogs. Going to your favorite dog park a couple of times a week can make a huge difference in your dogs attitude and get rid of that hyperactive attitude.

5. Last but not least and a favorite for a lot of active people and dogs is going for a long walk or a good old run.  If you are the type of person that goes for a daily run teach your dog to run beside you nicely and take him with you.  A run is good for your overall health and it’s good for your dogs as well.

Just like children, dogs need several options to exercise their bodies daily.  A hyperactive dog is likely just bored, so be sure to try these tips to tire your pooch out and enjoy some peace and quiet.

One of my favorite sayings is “a trained dog is a happy dog and an exhausted dog is even happier”, so train your dog and wear him out.  I promise that if you do he will love you for it.

Mark Mansfield

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