5 Different Ways To Exercise Your Dog

Is your dog overweight?  Are you overweight?  Do you and your dog need some good exercise?  Here are five different ways that you can help your dog exercise and at the same time help you as we’ll.  Exercise is something that is required for man and beast so why not do it together.

1.  Are you a swimmer, what about your dog?  Swimming is an excellent way for both of you to get exercise without any trauma to the joints.  If you don’t have your own swimming pool of course there’s always the local river or lake where you can both enjoy a splash and get some exercise at the same time.

2.  The most common way for people get exercise for themselves and their dog is by going for a walk.  You can walk through the neighborhood with your dog however some people feel that’s a little boring.  If you’re one of those people you might try going for a hike.  Simply throw the dog in the car and go to a local park that may have some great hiking trails.  Be sure and take plenty of water for you and your dog as too.

3.  Are you a jogger?  In fact maybe you’re preparing for the upcoming 5K. There simply isn’t a better jogging partner than your dog.  However remember you may have to condition him the same way you conditioned yourself to get to the 5K level.  Once he’s able to do that distance I think you’ll have a happy dog and will see some great results from the jogging.

4.  Biking is another exercise that could include your dog.  You may want to consider one of the attachments that actually attaches to your bike and keep your dog in the proper position on your ride.  Just like with the running or jogging be sure to condition your dog to prepare for this type of exercise.

5.  Last but not least if your dog enjoys chasing a ball, go out and throw that ball for your dog.  In fact you can sit under the shade tree sipping on your Ice-T while your dog retrieves and gets plenty of exercise.  Of course if you have a dog that enjoys the Frisbee you can do the same thing with the Frisbee.

Keep in mind while exercising your dog to consider his overall physical condition don’t try to do too much too fast which can cause problems.  Also remember that a puppy is not able to do as much running, jumping, etc. as an adult dog because we don’t want to do anything that could damage joints and bones.

Mark Mansfield

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