How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

Quite often someone will call inquiring about dog training lessons and the first question out of their mouth is how much does it cost.  I realize that it’s not an unreasonable question however there are a lot more things to consider in training your dog than merely the cost.

Making a decision on who will help you train your dog basically on price is really not very smart.  There are so many more things to consider.  For example what will my dog learn and where will the losses be conducted those are two of the most important questions that you could ask.

After speaking to several trainers you really should do some investigating.  Today with the power of the Internet we are able to do that easier than ever before.  Simply go to Google and type in the company name and do a second search with the owner’s name with the words dog trainer after his name.  You’ll be amazed at all the things you can find out about a dog trainer by simply doing a Google search.

Look for things like happy customers, unhappy clients and one of the most important things is level of experience.  When you find a trainer who’s been teaching people to train their dogs for the last 10 years for example he will probably be a better trainer than one that just graduated from dog training school last month.

Another thing to consider when it comes to cost is how many lessons do you get for your money.  For example is paying $595 for one lesson and then telephone backup as good as paying $495 for four lessons.  Most people would agree that it’s too difficult to learn everything in one lesson and having four lessons would be a much better bargain.

Be careful when it comes to people who are selling you eight or 10 lesson packages.  Besides being expensive it may be more than you need.  I would actually rather see you take two four lesson programs, a basic and an advanced than sign up for an 8 lesson program in the beginning.

Now here is another thing to consider be careful of the person that’s too cheap.  When you find somebody advertising online like Craigslist for example and they’re charging $15-$25 per lesson there’s a reason that they’re so cheap.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for.


Mark Mansfield

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