Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

Your dogs bad breath can be caused by many different things.  In this article I will talk about some of the most common things that cause an odor that is unlike puppy breath.

Let’s start off with what your dog may be eating.  Is your dog eating his poop or possibly raiding the cat litter box?  That may sound weird but it happens quite often and can cause a pretty nasty smell when Fido comes up to give you a kiss.

Your dog can get tooth decay and gum disease just like a human can so having your dogs mouth checked on a regular basis is important.  Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned just like humans do to remove dental plaque and keep their mouth kissing sweet.

You have possibly needed to have a tooth removed, or a root canal at some time in your life.  Well your dog can have the same problem.  Some veterinarians do some dental work however they may refer you to a doggy dentist that has more experience with dental issues.

If you start when your dog is puppy you can probably teach it to tolerate you brushing its teeth.  Make sure that you use a tooth baste especially made for dogsHuman toothpaste is not good for dogs.

There a several different brands of dental chews available at pet stores or at your veterinarian that can help your dog’s oral hygiene and help freshen its breath at the same time.

Are you feeding your dog canned food?  It is a proven fact that dry dog food is better for a dogs oral hygiene because it does not stick to the teeth the same way that wet canned food does.

Even though I have never fed raw food I have heard from people that do that their dogs teeth seem to stay much cleaner with raw food.

Last but not least if your dog spends a bunch of time outside you need to make sure that it hasn’t developed a nasty habit of eating dead birds or maybe even dead squirrels or other dead little animalsRotting flesh can easily cause your dog to have bad breath.

So if your dog develops bad breath and you can not seem to find a logical source for the odor it just may be time for a visit to your vet for a dental checkup.

I always give my Dog (a golden lab) burnt toast with Vegemite on it, it helps keep their teeth clean and breath nicer.


Mark Mansfield

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