5 Ways To Socialize Your Dog

Socializing your dog is very important and you must keep in mind that the period of socialization is from birth to 20 weeks old.  During this period you must exposure dog to lots of new places, new people, little kids and other dogs so that you have a well socialized dog that you can enjoy for the rest of its life.

Let’s discuss some of those methods of socialization.

Take Your Dog to New Places

I teach all my new clients with puppies to take their puppy to three different places every week. Exposing your dog to different environments is very important.  The dog that never gets out of its own home or backyard I will promise you is going to be a fearful dog somewhere between 12 and 24 months old.

When I talk about taking your dog to different environments I mean go stand in front of the grocery store as if you are waiting for somebody.  You can do the same thing at any strip center that has retail stores.  This gives your dog an opportunity to experience all kinds of sensations including new sites, sounds and smells.

The park is another excellent place to take your new puppy but keep in mind I’m talking about a park not a dog park.

Take Your Dogs Around A Lot Of People

Exposing your dog to a lot of new people is very important.  Dogs need that exposure to keep them from being fearful of new people in the future.  You can combine this exercise with taking your dog to new places.  As you’re standing in front of that grocery store there are going to be people who can’t resist a cute little puppy and want to know if they can pet your dog, your response should be absolutely.  This exercise will teach a dog not to be afraid of people and how meeting new people can be a fun experience.

Exposing Your Dog To Kids

Exposing your dog to children is very important.  A dog perceives a child as a different creature than an adult and we want to teach them that kids are okay.  Again you can combine this exercise with taking your puppy to different locations.  Remember those people who wanted to take a couple of minutes to pet your dog?   Well some of them will have children as well.  So you can have the child offer your puppy a treat.  It won’t be long before your puppy is looking for kids all the time because they always have something good.

Take You Dog Around Other Dogs

Exposing your puppy to other dogs is very important if you want to have a dog in the future that is sociable with dogs.  With this exercise I like to wait until the pup has had its third round of parvovirus shots before I introduce them to other dogs.

You want to make sure that the dogs that you exposure your puppy to are very puppy friendly.  It’s also a must to make sure the dogs are current on all their vaccinations including the parvovirus.  Without this socialization to other dogs when your dog is young you may never have a dog that can be around other dogs.

Take Your Dog To The Vets Office For A Visit

Another great place to take your dog for socialization is your vet’s office.  It doesn’t have to be for treatment it can simply be for a visit.  I can’t imagine any vets office that would mind you stopping by to say hello to the ladies at the front desk and getting a treat for your puppy.  It will teach the puppy that coming to the vets office is a fun place to go.

If you’ll follow these few simple steps you’ll find that you’ll have a nicely socialized dog that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of its life.  If you don’t do these things you’ll probably be calling a trainer when your dog is between 12 and 24 months old because your dog is fearful or has bitten somebody.

Take the time to socialize now.







Mark Mansfield

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