Are You A Future Dog Trainer?

dog-on-leash-puppyI talk to people daily that want to quit their current jobs and become a professional dog trainer.

I also get a bunch of young people who are asking questions about what type of courses they should take in college to become a dog trainer.  Hopefully this article will answer some of those questions.

Let’s start off with how much education you need to have.  Quite often I am asked do I have to be a high school graduate and the simple answer is no.   I have had quite a few trainers come through our training programs that were not high school graduates and they are doing well now as a professional dog trainer.

I do always encourage young people who inquire to graduate from high school and of course having a college degree is always good and also gives you a backup just in case dog training is not for you.

So what courses should you take in college if dog training is in your future?  You can never go wrong by getting a degree in animal behavior and if you stick with it getting a PhD is nice as well.  If animal behavior is not your cup of tea then a business degree is always a good idea to give you a bit of business savvy for running your own dog training business.

Another question I get quite often is what kind of money can you make as a trainer and that is a tough question to answer.  It depends, are you working for someone else?  What type of training are you doing and what are your responsibilities?  There are dog trainers out there making $10 and hour and of course other trainers that are employees that make much more.

I always tell people who are thinking about making dog training a career to start your own business.

Owning your own business is the only way you can make a really large income.  I personally know many trainers that make low to high six figure incomes.  That figure will fluctuate based on the type of training you re doing and if you have a training facility and employees.  If this helps there are a lot of trainers without employees or a facility that do over $100,000 a year.

To become a trainer you simply need to have the proper training so that you know how to train as well as how to run your dog training business.  All of our programs do exactly that, we teach you step by step how to train dogs and how to start your own business so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or make a bunch of costly mistakes.

If dogs are a passion for you then make dog training your livelihood you will love it.

Mark Mansfield

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