5 Simple Ideas That Will Perfect Your Dogs Training

When your dog training program is complete you are not finished training, you are simply entering a different level of training.  Let me tell you some things that will guarantee that you have a well-trained dog, not just for today but for ever.

1. Continue the training

The training isn’t over when your obedience class is over.  In fact your dog needs to be trained it’s entire life.  However instead of making it a training session in later life you will use the exercises in daily life at home.  For example your dog needs to do a down-stay while your family has dinner, etc.

2. Train 15 minutes a day

Yes every day seven days a week.  You can do 1 – 15 minute session or even break it up into 3 – 5 minute short fun sessions.  Do it the way that it works best for you.  The secret is to just do it!

3. Perfect the basic exercises

Make sure that your dog can do each of these exercises with perfection and for you food trainers that means no treats either.

1. Sit
2. Down
3. Sit-stay with you out of sight
4. Down-stay with you out of sight
5. Walk on a loose lead

These exercises are a must.  If your dog can’t do these easily then you don’t have a trained dog.

4. Train in several different locations

DO NOT keep training in the same place.  Find 6 or 8 new places to train your dog.  Each location will have its own distractions that your dog will have to learn to work around.  This is what we call “proofing” your dog.

5. Be consistent

This is the one that is most often neglected.  You need to be consistent and always expect and require perfection from your dog.  Don’t make him be perfect today and allow him to get by with imperfection tomorrow.  Your dog needs this consistency in order to become the dog that you want and a great member of your family.  Remember that a well-trained dog is a happy dog, so you are actually doing something that will improve your dog’s quality of life and also strengthen the bond between the both of you.

I get calls daily from dog owners with all types of behavior problems and the one thing that these people just do not understand is that a well-trained dog just does not have those behavior problems because it is trained well!

Mark Mansfield

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