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Using Hand Signals In Dog Training

Lots of us would be very happy if we could simply teach our dogs a few simple obedience commands: to sit, stand, lie down, sit-stay and come when called and to walk on a leash without pulling. A dog that can do those things when asked is usually considered to be well-trained. But some people need to do more than the usual training with their dogs. They use hand signals in dog training.

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Is It Ever Too Late To Train A Dog?

Although you’ve heard the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” in fact you can teach an old dog just about anything! It’s never too late to train a dog.
Whether you are bringing home an older dog from a shelter or rescue or you’d like to work with your own older dog, there’s no reason to delay doing some training with an older dog.

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Teach Your Dog To Ring A Bell For House Training

Teaching your dog to ring a bell to let you know when it needs to go outside to do its business is really pretty easy. I have found that it usually takes somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks for the dog to catch on to the process. About 85% of the dogs catch on and are willing to do it while about 5% of the dogs actually get scared by the bell. Usually these are the very small dogs.

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The Long Stay Command

The “Long Stay” command is very helpful in many different situations but we are going to go over only a couple here in this post. Dog safety is one of the main seasons that we use the “long stay” command because nobody wants their dog to run through a door and get run over by a car. Another reason is it isn’t great for your dog to run up to and jump on every body that comes in through the door.

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Why Does My Dog Ignore My Commands?

There are actually multiple reasons why your dog may be ignoring your commands. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons and what you can do to reverse that annoying behavior with the family pet.
One of the most common reasons that a dog ignores its owners commands is the fact that it probably has not been trained and it has no clue what the commands mean. You must remember that a dog does not speak English and even though a dog can learn many words it has to go through a learning process.

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Tips For Curing Separation Anxiety In Dogs

You arrive home from work to a crazy, spinning, whirlwind of energy. Your dog follows you to your bedroom, where you find that she has chewed up your very expensive pair of shoes. Your next door neighbor comes to complain to you that your dog has once again been driving the neighborhood crazy by howling all day long. If this scenario is familiar, then your dog is probably suffering from separation anxiety.

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2 Reasons So Many Dogs Are Put To Sleep Each Year

In this article I would like to discuss 2 reasons that so many dogs end up in shelters and are put to sleep each year.

The first reason is a lack of proper house training. Training your dog to do it’s business in the correct place ( outside on the grass ) is very important. It seems like dog owners seem to be very patient and be willing to make all types of excuses when their dog is a puppy and having accidents. However there comes a point, usually around 12 months old when the owners say we have to get this dog house trained or it will have to go to the shelter.

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Can Dogs Have A Heart Attack?

It is possible for dogs to faint or collapse due to an abnormality in relation to their heart function. This is called “syncope” and it is related to poor heart function as a result of heart disease or abnormal heart rhythms. This is probably what many people mean when they say that their dog had a “heart attack.” However, it is very rare for a dog to have the kind of heart attack that humans have.

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