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Handling Multiple Dogs In Your Home

If you have problems dealing with one dog in your home, imagine what it’s like coping with two or even three dogs and trying to keep things running smoothly. It can be hard to cope with multiple dogs at times and in some cases it can result in dogs fighting for dominance.

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Dealing With A Food Aggressive Dog

Of all dog behaviour problems, food aggression is one of the most serious.  It often escalates into something more serious and can become violent.  Unfortunately, many people ignore food aggression in their dogs because they don’t understand the behaviour.  They simply choose to avoid dealing with it.

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5 Common Dog Behavior Problems

If you are a dog owner then at sometime or another you’ve experienced some type of behavior problems with your dogs.  In this article we will talk about 5 of the most common dog behavior problems. 1. Jumping Okay let’s start with jumping. You may have a dog that’s jumping on you, on the kids, […]

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Does Your Dog Bark While You Are At Work?

Does your dog bark while you’re at work?  If he does, then you may have a lot of other problems, too. You’re probably not very popular with your neighbors, for one thing.  They could call animal control about your dog.  Plus, along with barking, your dog could be destructive at home. Even if you’re not […]

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Does Tug-of-War Teach Aggression?

Many people worry that if they play tug-of-war with their dog (or “tug”) that they will be teaching their dog to be aggressive.  They’re afraid that playing tug with their dog can lead to problems with dominance.  Are they right to be worried?  Does tug-of-war teach aggression? Actually, many recent studies have shown that dogs […]

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Can You Train Your Dog to Do His Business On Command?

Adopting a puppy is a big responsibility in one’s life.  Puppies need your attention, time, energy, love and commitment.  One of the first biggest tests of your responsibility as a pet owner is housebreaking.  You have to teach your dog to do its business in the appropriate place and to be able to hold it […]

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