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5 Things Your Dog Wants You To Remember

Whether or not you realize this fact, dogs want the same thing that you want, companionship. Yes dogs are pack animals and not only enjoy being with other members of the pack but they absolutely need it to be happy. When you stop and think for a moment humans are the same. Isolation is complete torture for a human and the same for a dog. So as a member of your pack your dog has a few things it hopes you will remember. Lets talk about those things.

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A Natural Way To Instantly Calm Your Dog’s Impulses

A friend of mine rescued a Labrador mix named Lucas.
He’s a goofball that’s always fun to play with.
But when kids pass by my friend’s house on their skates and bikes, Lucas isn’t so much fun.
He goes insane.

He’ll rush head-first to the gate, barking up a storm and even riling up the neighbour’s dogs as well.

The trouble doesn’t stop there.

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Training Your Dog To Stay In The Yard

People and dogs are alike in the sense that they both are somewhat territorial. Your dog probably has a good idea of the concept of your “property” or your area of the street or neighborhood. He knows where home is, especially if he spends much time outside. If another dog walks into your front yard, your dog will likely have something to say about it. However, that doesn’t mean that your dog will understand the concept of staying in the yard. It is never easy to train your dog to stay in the yard. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know much about dogs.

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Why Is My Dog Barking And Growling?

Dogs can bark and growl for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why they’re barking and growling. It could be because a stranger is approaching or because they hear an unexpected noise. Dave Barry, the columnist, once said that dogs bark because a dog satellite passes over the earth and dogs have to check in with it. It does seem sometimes that dogs bark for no good reason.

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Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

If you are the type of dog owner that like to give your dog a special treat every once in a while keep in mind that there are some foods that are safe for you but not for your dog. Some of these you may know about but some may be new to you.

1. Let’s start off with chocolates. I think pretty much all dog owners know that chocolate is dangerous for dogs and can cause death if not treated quickly and properly.

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Why Does My Dog Show Fear?

Unfortunately dogs can show signs of fear, just like some humans. There can be many causes for fear in dogs including lack of socialization, genetics, mistreatment and even bad experiences as a young dog.

Quite often fear is re-enforced by the dogs owner. Yes, we have all been guilty of trying to comfort our dog with a soothing voice when it appears to show fear. However that is probably the worst thing you can do because it says to the dog, that its fear is logical.

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