How To Know If Your Dog Has Diabetes

Did you know that pets could get diabetes?  An unhealthy diet and a lack of activity could cause your dog to develop diabetes.  This condition can be treated and your dog will not develop complications as long as diabetes is diagnosed early.  Here are the most common signs of diabetes in dogs.

A dog who cannot produce enough insulin or cannot use the insulin produced will end up with high blood sugar levels.  This can lead to a sweet-smelling breath.  If you notice that your dog’s breath has a fruity smell, you should have their blood sugar levels checked.

Other symptoms include weight loss and a change in appetite.  If you notice that your dog eats less than usual or skips some meals, your dog might have high blood sugar levelsWeight loss can also occur even though your dog is eating plenty of food.

Thirst and increasing urination are other common signs of diabetes.  Keep in mind that several factors influence thirst, especially changes in temperature.  However, if your dog seems to drink more than usual for no apparent reason or if you notice an increase in your dog’s urination, it is best to take it to the VET.

On the other hand, dehydration can occur for some diabetic dogsDehydration can be hard to notice in dogs.  If your dog has sunken eyes, does not eat, looks depressed and lethargic and has a dry mouth, it is probably suffering from dehydration.  Make sure your dog has always access to fresh water to prevent dehydration.

Vomiting is another sign of diabetes in dogs.  Keep in mind that vomiting is a way for dogs to empty their stomach of materials they cannot digestVomiting should not cause you to worry unless your dog vomits frequently and for no apparent reasons. Dehydration can also cause vomiting, which is why you should always check your dog for signs of dehydration after they vomit.

Chronic skin infections are fairly common in diabetic dogsSkin infections can cause white patches, loss of hair, loss of skin as well as the apparition of red and irritated patchesSkin conditions can be caused by a number of factors but you should have your dog tested for diabetes if skin infections are a chronic problem.

Lethargy is another characteristic of diabetic dogs. Lethargy and weakness are indicators that your dog is sick or in pain.  Almost every health condition a dog can develop will cause lethargy.  If you notice that your dog is inactive through most of the day, take it to the vet.

These symptoms can be indicators of other health conditions or can be brought on by temporary discomfort or illness.  You should not worry if you notice one of these symptoms in your dog.  However, you should have your dog tested for diabetes if any of these symptoms becomes a chronic problem or if you notice more than one symptom.

Treating diabetes will be a lot easier if your dog is diagnosed with this condition early.

Mark Mansfield

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