Great Ideas To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

Dog can’t speak to us and say could you please turn on the A/C.

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t get very hot sometimes just like we do.

If you dog is panting a lot, being slow or looking down and it’s a very hot day, well your dog is possibly hot and suffering from the heat too.

Here are a few simple ways to cool down your dog and keep them cool.

Inside the house

1. Fans help
Fans help to make a breeze and that helps dogs to cool down.

2. Avoid hot rooms
If your house has a cool side with lots of windows, use it for the dog and close of hot rooms.

3. Air conditioning
If you like air conditioning, I’m sure your dog will too, so please share it with your dog.


4. Shade
Make sure if you put your dog in it’s crate it is not in the sun or will be later on.

5. Ice packs
If your dog gets very hot I’m sure you might have an ice pack that will do the trick, if you put it (ice pack) on the floor your dog will use it.

6. Cool floors
Some floors are much cooler than others, I’m sure my dog finds the coolest place in the house, wooden, tiles, marble, concrete or any other cool surface and in doorways as well.

Outside the house

1. Water
Water is a great way to cool of you dog, just a small amount so they can put their feet in it, some dogs have two coats, so you don’t wet the top half.  It can cause more heat and skin irritationLarge dog such as Labs, German Shepherds and Malinois love water and have great fun with it. So water serves two purposes, cool & entertainment.

2. Shade
All dog need some shade especially dark colour or black dogs, as they heat up quicker than other light colour dogs.
Trees are a good sauce of shade in your yard for dogs to lay under in hot weather.

3. Consider a good clip
Summer is a good time for your dog to be clipped as this will help them cool down especially long hair or thick coat.

4. Ice cubes
Ice cubes will help the dog to cool down, some of them love to chew ice cubes, you can ad them to the drinking water.


5. Avoid hot ground
Many people are not aware of how hot the ground or sand can be.  I’m sure you can use an alternate rout on your travels so you keep on the grass.

6. Breeze
I have found that dogs seam to be able to find a cool breeze, even when we don’t know it is there, so give them room to find it.

7. Consider a good groom
Brushing your dog often will remove the old coat, therefore making it lighter and cooler.

9. Try not to walking in the heat of the day
If you can walk your dog in the morning before it gets hot is ideal but if not in the evening is still good if it is cooler.

Mark Mansfield

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