Why Does My Dog Love To Tear Up The Garbage?

Here is the age-old question; why does my dog get into the stinky garbage?  The answer is simple because it’s stinky to us but very much appealing to a dog.  Dogs just love the smell of all that old food and everything else that could be waiting for it in a garbage bag.

Another reason your dog loves the garbage is that the very first time it got into the trash there was probably some great tasting left over meat or other doggy delicacy and it remembers how good it was.  Dogs are creatures of habit and any good dog figures that maybe next time it will hit the jackpot again.

So now that we know that your dog will ALWAYS get into the trash when given a chance, we need to talk about a few of the dangers.  Yes there are dangers in the trash.  There is everything from spoiled food that could easily make your dog sick to things that can poison or cause your dog to choke.  The trash bag or trash can is not a safe place for your dog.  So you need to do everything you can to keep your dog safe and away from the trash.

How do we do that?  It’s really pretty darn easy.  Simply keep the trash where your dog can not get into it.  I have owned dogs all my life and because of the possible dangers we have never had a trash can sitting out in our kitchen.  That’s right!  Our trash can is always behind a cabinet door or even better yet behind our pantry door.

Recently I had a client that said “but having a can right here in the kitchen without putting it behind a door is just so much more convenient”.  Yes it may be, however if you want your dog to be safe and to keep you from having to clean up the mess simply find a better, safer place.

What if you don’t have a pantry or a lower cabinet that is big enough to hold a trashcan?  Again it is simple.  Use a garbage bag to put everything in after a meal and haul, it out to the trash.  Your dog will thank you for keeping it safe, you won’t have to clean up the mess and you won’t have that expensive vet bill when your dog gets sick.

Mark Mansfield

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