Do Dogs Need A Backyard?

When it comes to the question “do dogs need a backyard” the answer is simple.  A backyard would be nice however you don’t need to have a yard to have a happy well cared for dog.  Let’s talk about it for a few minutes.

Certain small breeds of dog’s don’t really need much in the way of a yard because they spend most of their time inside and only venture out when it is time to do their business or to catch a little bit of fresh air or sunshine.  In fact a lot of small dogs just do not enjoy the outside.

So if you have a small dog a yard just doesn’t seem to be that important as long as you are willing to take your dog out periodically to do it business and for a short walk to get a little exercise.

However if you have a large active breed of dog a yard would really be nice but isn’t that important if you have an active lifestyle and are willing to take your dog for long walks and spend some time retrieving a ball or possibly playing at the local dog park.

Many years ago when I was young and single I owned a Doberman and lived in an apartment.  He never lacked for physical activity.  In fact I used to tell people that he got more exercise and companionship that any dog I knew.  We spent hours every week going for hikes in the woods and long walks around the neighborhood.

Every Sunday morning we would spend time at the local high school fenced in baseball field.  I would throw a ball and he would chase it for ever if I would let him.  Of course if you are going to take your dog to a public place like the local high school make sure that you take litter bags with you so that you never leave anything behind.  Keeping the area clean will insure that you are welcome to come back.

Of course an older person may not be able to be as active and be inclined to give that type of dog all the exercise that it needs.  That is when you start thinking about a dog that simply does not require as much time to rid itself of all that energy.

So if you don’t have a yard and are considering a dog just make sure that you pick the right dog that will go well with your lifestyle.  Have fun…..

Mark Mansfield

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