How Safe Are Your Dog Treats?

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One thing you need to consider when purchasing a treat is the choking danger. You want to make sure that you choose an appropriate size treat for your dog, something that they can chew up easily and swallow it without having a choking problem.

When it comes to dog treats I’m always asking my clients why they feel that their dog even needs them. Unfortunately, a large percentage of dog treats out there aren’t that good for your dog and provide no nutritional value. Most of them contain things that you wouldn’t ever allow in your dog’s food, but yet you give the dog a treat that contains that ingredient.

Quite often I see people giving their dogs greenies and for some people, greenies work well. However, I’ve had other people tell me that their dogs actually get aggressive over greenies and I’ve even seen that in my own experience. Greenies at one point had a real choking issue and after some lawsuits, they changed their formulation to keep that from happening.

When choosing a treat try to get one that is most nutritional and also stay away from the ones that are made overseas. There’s been a lot in the media lately about chicken jerky treats that have killed dogs and sickened hundreds or even thousands of other dogs. Most of these products that they had a problem with were manufactured in China.

I don’t think I’d ever give my dog a treat that wasn’t made here in the U.S. or Australia/England. In the U.S. and Australia/England, we have more stringent requirements of what can be used for ingredients.

Another thing to consider about using treats, use them sparingly. Using too many treats can cause weight issues with your dog and as we all know weight can cause all kinds of health problems.

Rawhides are not a treat but yet dogs do consume them when they’re given to them for chews. I always tell my clients that rawhides are dangerous for your dog and let me give you some reasons why. The first reason your dog breaks off a chunk as it’s chewing and it is just small enough that it’s able to swallow without choking. However, it gets into the gut. In the stomach, rawhide expands with the liquid and then can block your dog’s intestines. Another cause for concern is choking basically a dog breaks off a piece of it that’s just a little bit too big to swallow and chokes on it.

Dog Treats

I saw a vet on the national news a few years ago who was talking about these exact issues and how he had clients whose dogs had died from choking or had surgery to remove the blockage.

So what should you give your dog for a treat? Do a little homework and choose something good for your dog, has the proper ingredients and is nutritional. The ideal treat for my dog is a few pieces of its kibble. He feels like it’s a treat and I know it’s good for him.

Pet Medical Records Organizer: Log Book For Animal Lovers


Mark Mansfield

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