We Love Our Dogs Don’t Feed Them To Death

How and what we feed our canines including how much food affects our friend’s health very much, exercise is a great way to make sure our dogs are healthy.

Some dogs have been notorious for a huge apatite also a few others, but it is easy to tell if your dog is eating too much for its size.  If you have a small dog that weighs as much as a dog that is much bigger to start with.

It seems cruel to see your canine looking hungry every time you eat, one way to stop that is to train your friend to go to the mat/bed and look away from you and rest.  If your canine is hungry all the time, you feed them less more often.  Older dogs often become hungry because of other health problems.

All canines need different amounts of food, the more active the dog the more hungry they get.  Most dogs love activities and they need a certain amount of food to keep going.  One of the best things to do is make sure you measure their processed kibble or canned food carefully so they are having the right amount of food every day, so they are a healthy weight.

How we feed our best friend is as important as the amount sometimes as we feed them.  Little dogs don’t need a deep bowl, especially if your canine has big ears that get covered in food, they prefer a smaller or flat plate and the large dog will not like flat plates because the kibble runs away from their tongue.  The other thing bigger and older dogs don’t like bending down to eat so a platform is sometimes helpful.

As you see from above every canine friend is different so they have different needs.

Mark Mansfield

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