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I think most dog owners have a favorite toy they like to use with their dog. I know as a professional dog trainer I do. In fact, for me, it’s the one that serves many purposes not only for puppies, pets, but even detection dog training as well.

My favourite toy is a Kong and lets me tell you why. The original Kong toy comes in various hardness and sizes to accommodate everything from a young puppy to the hardest chewing adult dog.

A puppy Kong is the first toy I ever give my puppy. The rubber on this Kong is much softer and suits the needs of a puppy. However, I do watch for nicks in the rubber and when I see that the puppy is able to break off small pieces that Kong goes into the trash and we move up to the next size and hardness.

For adult dogs, Kong comes in multiple different colours, hardness and sizes. I always pick a size that is appropriate for my dog. If my dog has a fairly soft mouth I will usually use red coloured Kong. However, if my dog has a hard mouth or has been doing bite work the black Kong is always my number one choice.

In fact, the black Kong is so durable that the Kong company guarantees your dog cannot break it. It is the only toy that I would ever leave in my dog’s crate when it is unattended. Because of the fact that is so durable, I feel safe knowing that my dog won’t be able to break a piece off and consume it or choke on it.

So why do the dogs like the Kong toy so much? Because when you throw this crazy shaped toy it bounces wildly all over the place and the dogs love it. I never use a tennis ball it’s always a Kong toy. When training drug detection dogs a Kong is usually our number one choice for a reward toy for the dog. Dogs just seem to love the texture.

I always suggest the Kong to my clients and in fact, I teach them how to make it into a puppy or dog sitter. Simply get a jar of peanut butter to take your finger to grab some peanut butter put inside the Kong and then add some of your dog’s favourite kibble. Add more peanut butter more kibble until it’s full. Then place the Kong in the freezer. Next morning you will have what dogs consider to be a delicious peanut butter popsicle. Your dog will spend hours trying to get all the goodies out from inside their Kong toy.

Kongs are available at every pet store I have ever seen so they are easy to find. Get your dog a Kong and it will love you for it.
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Mark Mansfield

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