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10 Things You Should Know About Dog Training

Does Your Dog Have Too Much Prey Drive?

Prey drive is a dog’s desire to chase a moving object. Some dogs have very little prey drive and some dogs have too much. Just to give you an idea prey drive is what we look for when we train a detection dog like a drug dog or a bomb dog because those dogs are actually looking for their toy.

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Teaching Your Dog To Be Independent

There’s nothing happier than a happy dog. Most people would agree that in order to be happy a dog needs to feel confident and independent. Yet it’s also true that there are many dogs who, for one reason or another, cling to their owners. They may be anxious or fearful at times. You can teach your dog to be independent but it does take some effort on your part. Here are some suggestions.

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Do Storms Scare Your Dog?

I saw on the news that we have some severe storms in the forecast here in the Nashville area. I thought an article about dogs that are afraid of storms might be good for this week’s article.

Picture yourself as a dog. Now think of a storm approaching and what it sounds like. There may be crashing thunder and jagged lightning bolts across the sky. What on earth does it sound and look like to a dog? No wonder so many dogs are scared by storms!

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Dealing With A Food Aggressive Dog

Of all dog behavior problems, food aggression is one of the most serious.  It often escalates into something more serious and can become violent.  Unfortunately, many people ignore food aggression in their dogs because they don’t understand the behavior.  They simply choose to avoid dealing with it. You may think that it doesn’t make any […]

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What Is Dog Whistle Training?

Dog whistle training has been around for a long time. It’s usually associated with hunting and herding since these are activities where dogs often work at a distance from their owners. During these situations, especially with hunting, the sound of a human voice could spook birds or other game. It’s much easier for a hunter to use a whistle to communicate with his dog. In some cases the dog may even be out of sight of the hunter or herdsman. A whistle still allows the owner to send signals to the dog.

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