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10 Things To Consider When Traveling With Your Dog

1. Make sure your dog is safely secured in the back of the car.
2. Make sure you are equipped with a pet first aid kit.
3. Be sure to take your own dog food and a supply of water with a bowl.
4. Take extra water in case of a breakdown or traffic delays especially in hot weather.
5. Be sure the windows in the back are open enough to allow fresh air into the car
6. Take a chew, or his favorite toy to give him an something to do as well as comfort him on the journey
7. Make sure he has a comfortable place to lie down in the back, a cushion and blanket for example.
8. Stop regularly for toilet breaks and leg-stretching.
9. Give your dog a good, long walk before putting him into the car.
10. Don’t forget the leash!

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