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Is it Separation Anxiety or Boredom?

Separation anxiety is a serious problem that can create many problems for dogs and their owners.  I have been helping dogs and owners for years with separation anxiety; in fact I have several vets who send me clients regularly.

The first thing you have to figure out is the dog suffering from separation anxiety or just plain old boredom.  I get calls from clients quite frequently who feel their dogs have separation anxiety but they don’t.  They are simply badly behaved.

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Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

Your dogs bad breath can be caused by many different things. In this article I will talk about some of the most common things that cause an odor that is unlike puppy breath.
Let’s start off with what your dog may be eating. Is your dog eating his poop or possibly raiding the cat litter box? That may sound weird but it happens quite often and can cause a pretty nasty smell when Fido comes up to give you a kiss.
Your dog can get tooth decay and gum disease just like a human can so having your dogs mouth checked on a regular basis is important. Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned just like humans do to remove dental plaque and keep their mouth kissing sweet.

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Is Dog Health Insurance A Good Idea?

Is dog health a good idea? The answer to that question is simple; yes and no! If you are wealthy and money is not a problem then insurance is probably not a good deal. However if you live paycheck to paycheck and coming up with $3,000.00 for a major health problem for your dog would be next to impossible then yes insurance is great.

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Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?

We usually call this type of a dog a “Velcro Dog”. Do you have one? Some people enjoy having their dog with them all the time and some people find it to be very annoying. Let’s talk about Velcro dogs.

Some breeds of dogs seem to be more inclined to be a dog that always wants to be with you however it is not limited to a certain breed of dog. Quite often it seems that smaller lap dog type breeds want to be where they are supposed to be, in your lap, or as close to your lap as possible.

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The 19 most popular dog breeds of 2017/2018

The 19 most popular dog breeds of 2017/2018
1. Labrador Retrievers
2. German Shepherd-Short/Long Haired
3. Golden Retrievers
4. French bulldog
5. Bulldog
6. Beagle
7. Standard Poodle
8. Rottweiler
9. Yorkshire Terrier
10. German Short-haired Pointer
11. Boxer
12. Siberian husky
13. Long Haired Dachshund
14. Great Dane
15. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
16. Doberman Pinscher
17. Australian shepherd
18. Miniature schnauzer
19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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10 tips for traveling with your dog

If you’re not very well prepared or organized traveling with your dog can be stressful or even dangerous.

Here are 10 tips for traveling with your dog. If you take the time to consider each of these ahead of the trip, you’ll find you will enjoy a much smoother, stress-free journey.

Here are 10 tips for traveling with your dog. If you take the time to consider each of these ahead of the trip, you’ll find you will enjoy a much smoother, stress-free journey.

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Are Dogs Being Over Vaccinated?

A few generations ago it wasn’t uncommon for a disease such as distemper to sweep through an area and decimate the local dog population. It wasn’t until the 1950s that a vaccine was developed for canine distemper. Likewise, parvovirus appeared in the 1970s and killed vast numbers of dogs before a vaccine was developed. Today we often take for granted that we can protect our dogs against these common killers but it wasn’t always so. Some people question whether or not dogs are being over-vaccinated today. It’s not an easy question.

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